Who are you?

We are Nicolas and Sophie, two wine trade professionals and friends, with three decades of experience in the wine industry spanning almost every job possible - from head sommelier to wine importer, from winemaker to trade sales. We’ve worked in pubs, wine bars, wine shops and Michelin-starred fine dining restaurants. We know that for a wine lover, the best part of going to a restaurant is drinking in the knowledge of the expert sommeliers, hearing them tell the stories of the people behind the bottles. With Private Somm we connect you to the sommeliers, so we can raise a glass together and discover something new.

What do I get with my membership?

A box of 3 or 6 wines, selected by a top UK sommelier, with an average retail price of £25 each, delivered to your door every month. You also receive exclusive access to video tastings and explainers on the wines selected, with the sommelier who selected them. He or she will guide you through your wines, introducing you to the stories behind each bottle, and offering food pairing ideas to try at home.

As a member, you receive a preferential price on any purchases on our website (if you ever need a top up), as well as member perks such as invitations to wine tastings and events, freebies and rewards as part of our loyalty scheme, and free postage – always.

How much is it?

For members with a subscription, a 3 bottle box is

£78 (including free postage), and a 6 bottle box is £140 (including free postage).

If you just want a one-off box, the 3 bottle box is £80 + £4.49 postage, and the 6 bottle box is £150 + £5.49 postage. 

When do I get my wine?

We send out all boxes in the first week of the month. You will be notified when your delivery is due, and you can easily manage deliveries if you won’t be in.

I only like red/whites. Can I pick a colour?

Yes - when you sign up to a 3-bottle box we will ask you what colour split you would like. 6-bottle boxes are currently 3 whites and 3 reds, but if you want to double up and receive just reds or whites please email us and we'll sort it out for you. info@privatesomm.wine

When can I access the tasting videos?

Tasting videos go live in the first week of the month – around the time you get your wine! The week before you will be able to access a video of our Somm introducing themselves and the wines that they have chosen, so you know what to expect.

Are the tasting notes in the box?

We thought long and hard about this - how to share as much information and knowledge as possible while still being environmentally friendly. So no printed tasting sheets, no fancy flyers, no extra packaging or adverts or anything that goes straight in the bin/recycling! With all the information online, there's no limit to what we can share!

We do add a little postcard (printed on recycled paper, and recyclable) from time to time so you can pass it to a friend. If you don't need this and all your friends are digital-savvy, let us know.

How do the member rewards work?

We like to reward our members. Earn points for every box you get, plus extra points for referring your friends, for following our Instagram/Facebook pages, and even on your birthday!

You can cash your points in for money off your next box, invitations to wine tastings and events, luxury glassware to enjoy your wines from, vouchers for fine dining, and plenty more freebies and rewards.

See “My Rewards” for more information.

Who picks the wines? 

We like to keep things varied, so we work with a different sommelier, from one of the UK’s best restaurants, every month! We think this is the best way to show a wide range of wines and personalities. You get to know the sommelier and the wines they’ve chosen, and understand why they chose them!

If you really like the person and their choices, go book a table at their restaurant and meet them in person!

Can I give this as a gift?

Absolutely. You can purchase a single box and send to any UK address through the website. You can also purchase a 3-, 6-, or 12-month subscription as a gift for someone else. Any questions or specific requests please get in touch, we’d love to help.

How do I cancel/pause my membership?

We’d be very sorry to see you go, but if circumstances change, you can cancel any time by calling us on 020 4518 4241.

Please call us before 12pm on the 19th of any month in order to cancel the following month’s box – this helps us keep our inventory in shape. Eg. To cancel and not receive the wine for April, please call us before 19th March.

You can pause your membership if you’re going away on holiday in the ‘My Account’ section of the website. Or give us a call or email. Please make sure you pause before 19th of the month to skip the following month’s box.

Ready to discover your next favourite wine?

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