Côtes du Brian, La Cinso, Domaine Anne Gros & Jean-Paul Tollot 2016, Languedoc-Roussillon, France

Anne Gros and partner Jean-Paul Tollot are best known for their highly sought after domaines in Burgundy, some 600km away from this project in Minervois, in the Languedoc. Of the five Minervois zones, Anne and Jean-Paul’s domaine is in The Causse - the highest altitude and stoniest zone in the area. This semi-mountainous region leads to high diurnal range, cooling down the vines at night and giving the grapes a long growing season. The limestone soils are rich in minerals, lending freshness and aromatics to the final wines.

100% Cinsault, 50 year old vines, planted on marl and sandstone. Harvested entirely by hand, and aged in stainless steel - no oak. Cinsault is very tolerant to heat, and so is widely planted in this warm part of the South of France. When handled with the Burgundian expertise of Anne and Jean-Paul, used to dealing with finicky Pinot Noir, the end result is a wine with tremendous elegance and poise.


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