Faugères, Le Presbytère, Mas d'Alezon 2018, Languedoc, France

Alix Roque spent time making wine in Burgundy before heading home to her mother’s vineyards in the heart of Faugères. Situated at the eastern end of the Languedoc, Faugères is characteristically warm and dry. Wines from here normally bear this heavily in their fruit. Alix however brings a Burgundian sensibility into both the vineyard and winery.

Fruits are picked early and in the cool of night. No new oak is used, only large old oak barrels, concrete tanks and eggs. Le Presbytere is a fresh, amicable red. The nose wafts from the glass with the laconic ease of wildflowers in the afternoon sun. The palate is spicy, herby and juicy with pink peppercorn, sage and raspberry hints. The finish grips with dark chocolate and then releases to notes of damson and prune.


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