Pinot Blanc, Skylark Wine Company 2016, California, USA

Skylark Wine Company is a collaboration between John Lancaster and Robert Perkins, both Wine Directors at San Francisco’s Boulevard Restaurant. Their first vintage, in 2002, consisted of just one single barrel of Syrah - but things have grown since then! John and Robert look to the wines they love in the Old World as inspiration for their wines in Mendocino, California - from the classic aromatic white varietals found in Alsace and Austria to the earthy, spicy reds most often found in the Rhone Valley. Alongside wine, Robert is an artist, and his designs feature on every Skylark label.

From one of the oldest vineyards that Skylark owns, this parcel of Pinot Blanc vines was planted in the 1970s, just outside of Hopland, Mendocino. The vines are gnarled with thick, stubby trunks - typical of old vineyards - and resulting in low yields but high concentration. After picking, the grapes are whole cluster pressed, then fermented in stainless steel. The lees are stirred just once, and malolactic fermentation (the process that transforms the green apple-like malic acids into more creamy lactic acids) is blocked, to emphasise the freshness. The wines are bottled with just a light filtration.


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