Riesling Rheinschiefer, Weingut Peter Jakob Kühn 2016, Rheingau, Germany

The Kühn estate was founded in 1786 by Jacobus Kühn and has remained under the watchful eye of his family ever since.

A fervent believer in the ecological benefits of biodynamic farming, Peter, voted German winemaker of the year in 2016, is at present, the only producer to follow biodynamic principles in the Rheingau. His wines are made in a fearless manner, with as much as possible left to nature’s own course. His experimental cuvées include wines which have undergone extra-long lees ageing or been fermented and aged in amphora vessels. Peter is a producer we are delighted to introduce to you all and we firmly believe that his wines will become iconic in the very near future.

This Riesling comes mostly from the stony vineyard area of Hallgarten Hendelberg, one of the highest vineyards in the Rheingau. The nose is complex, with notes of white grapefruit, walnut oil, freshly sliced green apples, and lime blossoms combining with more subtle hints of spice, jasmine and hibiscus. On the palate, the wine shows off its slate minerality, with flavours of nectarine, candied apricot and lemon verbena, all seasoned with a vibrant combination of intense sea-salt minerality and fine bracing citric acidity.


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