Syrah + Grenache, Yo El Rey 2019, Stellenbosch, South Africa

Angelo van Dyk is the winemaker for Yo El Rey. He is London based, where he has been working as a sommelier for the past 6 years. Originally from South Africa, he launched Yo El Rey in 2017 to give him the opportunity to make wine in his home and too reconnect with African soils, but still remain rooted in London, a place he considers to be ground zero for the global wine game.

The wine is a blend of 60% Syrah from Stellenbosch, and 40% Grenache Noir from Bot River. The grapes were crushed by foot.They were then naturally fermented in 1 ton plastic tubs, and there were a few fermentations run with varying whole bunch components. This wasn't a co-fermentation, so the varieties were kept separate. When dry, the Syrah was pressed in a basket press, and the Grenache was run through a pneumatic. Wines were settled in plastic again and then racked to old barrels. Aged for about 11 months in barrel and then bottled without fining but with a coarse filtration. A small amount of SO2 was added to the must at the start of processing and then just before bottling. Total production was 2700 bottles.


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