Tantaka, Arabako-Txakolina, Basque Region, Spain 2019

Jaunjo Tallaetxe is a priest and shepherd who felt there was more to his regions wines than just pouring them from a height into tumblers and set about replanting his parents vineyards and creating his own cellar.

The Bianco is100% Hondarribi Zuri. The vineyards are planted on the alluvial, clay soils over limestone in Artómaña (Arrastaria Valley-Álava). The fruit is hand harvested in small baskets and brought to the winery in the village for a very light pressing a pneumatic press and fermentation is in stainless steel. After 6 months on the fine lees the wine is racked and bottled. The wine is taut and alive, with emerging concentration as it opens up revealing a delicate pineapple, citric, and earthy aromatic, with dense long lived palate.

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